Thursday, March 11, 2021

Stalking a Bear

A long time back we shared a photo from 1977 showing an F-14 Tomcat of VF-14 'Tophatters' during an intercept of a Russkie Tu-95 'Bear', and mentioned that we kinda-sorta dig stuff like that. Also mentioned was that more such photos would be forthcoming.

Well, it took a while but today we offer another coolish intercept shot. This time the Tomcat squadron is currently unknown to us, as any identifying markings are hidden in high-contrast shadow. However, a little messin' 'wit the image in Photoshop has revealed an 'N' as the first letter of the air wing code, making it a RON from the left coast. We do have a date for the photo, August 1st, 1985... though we're not sure if that was the date on which the shutter was tripped or if that's when the photo was released to Joe Q. Public. Whatever the case, the ballpark date, 'N_' code, and '2XX' modex combine to provide a good basis for some digging and eventual ID of the RON. However, your blogmeister is more than a bit tired and lazy at the moment, and said digging won't take place just yet.

Anyhoo, for now we simply offer up this atmospheric image from the height of the Cold War and ask that you enjoy...


US Navy photo


Fade to Black...


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