Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Wet Jet

For this installment of 'TWW' we bring you yet another purty pikshur. Generally we like to keep things military-like around here, but are not in any way averse to civvies. Anyhoo, this time 'round we solicited suggestions as to subject matter from our readership of about a half-dozen or so, and the suggestion we liked most, by far, was 'Boeing 777'.

So... here's a rather nice photo showing a FedEx 777 departing Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport, snapped at the very moment that someone in the cockpit switched on the cloud machine. Dig-it, y'all...

Steve Neel photo

Fade to Black...

Starfighter Sunset

We've said it before... we say it again. We love us some purty pikshurs around here... so here's one for your viewing pleasure.
'Tis a pair of Luftwaffe F-104Gs silhouetted against a fiery sunset... genie├čen!

Gottfried 'Blacky' Schwarz foto

Fade to Black...