Friday, February 13, 2015

Black Cat

Here at 'TWW' we're sometimes a bit slow... and we just realized now that today is 'Black Friday'... or, Friday the 13th.

So in light of that fact we present you with a somewhat appropriate 'TWW' 'extra'...

This here's a Grumman F7F-3N Tigercat... with the 'N' in the designation identifying this 'Cat' as a nightfighter. 'Twas the U.S. Marines who used this variant of the Tigercat primarily and, as such, they were painted black... hence our use of the term 'Black Cat'. (Yeah, yeah, we know that the ship in the photo is, in all likelihood, actually painted dark sea blue or some such... but, as we just figured out that it's Friday the 13th and this was the nicest shot of a Tigercat nightfighter that we could come up with on such short notice... and it's a black'n'white image... we figure, 'close enough'. So work with us here, will ya? kthxbai)


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Fade to Dark Sea Bl... errrr... Black...

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