Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Bengals Bantam Bomber

Alrighty... we're thinking that some of you, the readership of about half-a-dozen or so, are probably getting tired of the A-4 by now. Can't really blame ya'll, so we're going to put our Skyhawk series on the back burner for a while... after we share one last photo.

This time it's an A-4E from VMA-224 'Bengals', just seconds away from leaving terra firma at Chu Lai Airbase, on its way to visit Charlie and drop off some gifts. The date was September 24th, 1966.

National Naval Aviation Museum

Although we're putting our series on the A-4 to bed for a bit, there's plenty more to come in the future... so keep 'yer eyes open.

Fade to Black...

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