Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Gamblers BIC

Oh, hey, look! It's another purty-pikshur we gots-for-ya today! Actually, a few of 'em...

This time the subject is an F-16C of the 77th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Wing, which currently roosts at Shaw AFB, South Carolina. The 77th is one of the oldest squadrons still serving in the U.S.A.F. and is also one of your blogmeister's faves.

Anyhoo, the 77th FS jet shown here is F-16C serial number 90-0821. ('Tis a Block 50B airframe, for anyone who's keeping score.) In this first shot, taken on June 12th, 2012, she's just lifting off from Eielson AFB, Alaska for a sortie during 'Red Flag-Alaska 12-2'. This photo is pretty groovy for obvious reasons... shock diamonds blowin' outta the pipes almost always make for a pretty picture. But this Viper is also pullin' some vapor off the strakes... 'twas obviously a humid day... and that adds just a bit more to the grooviness factor.

USAF/DoD photo (TechSgt. Michael R. Holzworth, photographer)

This second shot, also taken during 'Red Flag-Alaska 12-2', shows '821' high above the Alaskan wilderness. Looks like she's decked out for the SEAD role, with that HARM under the port wing. The date on this shot was June 20th, 2012.

USAF/DoD photo (TechSgt. Michael R. Holzworth, photographer)

We wanted to give ya'll a look at either the 77th's emblem, carried on the air intake, or their fin flash... or both. Well, during an admittedly brief web search, we were able to find only one suitable photo, showing the latter... and guess which jet it is? Yep, 'ole '821'. We love it when a plan comes together... even when that plan was laid out by Lady Luck with no help from us...

Norman Graf photo (Source)

Fade to Black...

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