Tuesday, June 17, 2014

The King Reviews His Fleet

Today on 'TWW' we bring you an old grainy news photo from the late 1930s. The date was May 20th, 1937, to be exact... King George VI was out and about on his modest sailing craft, running his eye over the British Navy during the Coronation Review.

Here's what's written on the news tag from the reverse of the print:

The King Reviews His Fleet

The King to-day reviewed the ships of the British Navy at Spithead, Portsmouth.

Photo shows:- The Royal Yacht "Victoria and Albert" passing an English Battleship, while aircraft of the Fleet Air Arm fly past the Royal yacht.

We don't know which battlewagon that is, but the birds are of the Fairey Swordfish Mark I variety and are from 811 Squadron, which flew from HMS Furious.

And dang... that's some kinda yacht, isn't it?

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