Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hard to Be Humble

Like many wingnuts, your blogmeister digs airplanes with wild paint schemes... and among his favorites are some of those which have appeared on aircraft taking part in an annual event known as 'Tiger Meet', which is organized by the NATO Tiger Association. Think of it as something of a glorified military flying club made up of squadrons from the air arms of various NATO countries... squadrons which have as their unit emblem or heraldry a tiger or other 'big cat'... squadrons which are among the 'best of the best'... squadrons whose personnel, armed with this knowledge, find it hard to be humble...

With the 2014 'Tiger Meet' just around the corner we thought it appropriate to present over the coming days some photos of notable past participants, starting with this French Air Force Mirage 2000C of EC 01.012 from the 2003 event. Over the years there have been many flashy tiger-themed paint schemes, but this one was arguably the most... eye-catching... pun intended.

More 'Tigers' to come!

Fade to Black...

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