Saturday, December 3, 2016

Back To the Future...?

With this installment of 'TWW' we begin what may or may not be a recurring series which we will dub, 'What in the Sam Hill is Going On Here?'

Well, we actually know what in the Sam Hill is going on here... sorta. An American Airlines DC-3 is taking off while a stagecoach rambles on alongside.

What's that? Your blogmeister thinks he can hear the readership of  about half-a-dozen or so exclaim, gratefully, "Thanks ever so much, Captain Obvious!"

You're welcome.

Now, the not-so straight dope on this, as we understand it, is that the photo was taken in 1937 and used in an American Airlines advertisement a while later... like, in 1949. Hey, that's what we came up with after a fairly short bit-o-digging on the interwebz. Whether it's 100% accurate or not, we dunno.

Anyhoo, we do know for sure that the photo was indeed taken... 'cuz here it is.

Project 914 Archives

And we also know that the photo was used in an advertisement, because... you guessed it, here'tis!

Project 914 Archives

Other'n that, we don't know what the Sam Hill is going on here.

Fade to Black...

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