Monday, November 28, 2016


Today on 'TWW' we present what your blogmeister thinks is a super-groovy photo. The caption in the news tag on the reverse of the print provides only this vague description: "A Spanish Air Force plane flies over Sevilla." The date given is January 16th, 1941. For those among our readership of about half-a-dozen or so who may not be in the know, this 'Spanish Air Force plane' is a Henschel Hs 123.

First used in Spain by Germany's 'Legion Condor' during the Spanish Civil War, the type gained considerable favor with Franco's Nationalists as an excellent ground support aircraft and was given the suitable nickname of 'Angelito'... 'Little Angel'. After the end of the war, the victorious Nationalists purchased the surviving 'Legion Condor' machines as well as eleven additional examples for the Ejército del Aire.

Project 914 Archives

The Hs 123 was also used by the Germans during the Second World War, especially on the Eastern Front. Production of the type ended in 1940, though, and lack of spare parts saw its retirement from front line service by 1944. At least one Hs 123 is known to have soldiered on in Spanish service until 1945. Sadly, no examples of this robust and, by all accounts, highly effective warplane are known to survive today.

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