Sunday, July 17, 2016

Working With the Colonials

So far in our series on the P-51, we've covered only the prototype and early, Allison-powered Mustangs of the RAF. After all, the type was designed and initially built for the Brits, so we figured we'd give 'em first billing. But the US Army eventually got into the derby as well. So as something of a segue before we delve into star-clad Ponies, we thought to share a groovy photo showing Royal Air Force and US Army Air Forces wrench-turners getting familiar with an RAF Mustang I, serial AG411, at RAF Burtonwood on April 1st, 1943.

Here's the NARA caption for this photo:

"Allied servicemen receive instructions on repairing airplanes at Burtonwood Repair Depot, Warrington, England. Shown, checking instruments and electrical connections on a P-51 Mustang are (left to right) F/Sgt R.A. Wellersman, Margate, England; S/Sgt Arthur Cunningham, Brewster, Minn.; T/Sgt F.L. Resnak, Washington D.C.; LAC S.H. Cooke, London, England; and T/Sgt Robert Root, Corbin, Kentucky."

NARA via

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