Tuesday, May 13, 2014

That Thing Flies?

Here's the latest installment of 'so ugly, only a mother could love it'... and it's a doozy... the Fairey Gannet.

The Gannet was a British design, developed as a carrier-borne anti-submarine aircraft in the years immediately following the Second World War. It was later used in the air-early-warning role as well. The type served primarily with four countries... Britain, Australia, Germany, and Indonesia.

The Gannet pictured here was one of six modified by the Brits to serve as 'CODs'.

'COD' stands for 'carrier onboard delivery', which basically means 'lugging the mail'.

Anyhoo, this Gannet COD.4 was photographed at Northolt in September of 1970.

Malcolm Nason photo (Source)

Fade to Black...

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