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Chinese Farmers

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far... no, wait... wrong blog...

As a wing-nut, your blogmeister has gone through several phases over the decades, and at one point, fairly early on, he could not get enough of Cold War-era red stars. Well, that phase may have passed long ago but your blogmeister does like to reminisce on occasion.

During the Cold War a good number of Russkie-designed aircraft were constructed under license by other nations, including China. One such bird was the Shenyang J-6... the Chinese-built version of the Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-19 'Farmer', and the subject of today's installment of 'TWW'.

This super-groovy shot shows a number of PLAAF (People's Liberation Army Air Force) J-6s heading out for a night flight...

Source: Koku Fan

The Chinese developed a two-seat trainer variant of the J-6, designated JJ-6. One of these was photographed from a US Navy P-3 Orion conducting a recon patrol over the East China Sea in November of 1998.

U.S. Navy photo

The J-6 was retired from front line service with the PLAAF in 2005, but apparently some examples continued to fly for several years, (perhaps as trainers or in some sort of support or test role) as evidenced by these next two photos which were taken at an airshow in 2010.

Weimeng photo

Chenpeng photo

The Shenyang J-6 was exported to more than a dozen nations, the most notable recipient being North Vietnam. During the Vietnam War the VPAF (Vietnam People's Air Force) operated more than fifty J-6s with limited success, downing seven U.S. aircraft for a loss of at least ten of their own. (Apparently a few U.S. birds were also knocked down by Chinese J-6s after wandering into Chinese airspace.)

Here we see a group of Vietcommie J-6 jocks from the 925th Fighter Regiment discussing how to deal with Yankee Capitalist Dogs in the air... using the only language that all pilots understand, regardless of their mother tongue or political ideology...

Vietnam News Agency photo via NMUSAF

Fade to Black...

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