Wednesday, September 11, 2013

M'emmener à Tokyo

Today on 'TWW' we've got an obscure one for ya'll... 'tis a Dewoitine D.33, a bird about which your blogmeister knows squat. So we'll simply let the story be told by the news tag from the reverse of the photo, which is dated September 11th, 1931:

French Fliers Off In Race For New Endurance Mark

Paris.... Here is the French plane 'Hyphen-2D' which left Le Bourget Airport with a crew of three on an attempt to establish a new mark for distance. The plane carried as crew, Marcel Doret, Joseph Lebrix, and Rene Mesmin, who hope to reach Tokio without a stop and thus better the nonstop flight record set by Russell Boardman and John Polando, who flew from New York to Turkey. A second team of fliers left at the same time from Le Bourget in a race to achieve the new honor.

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