Monday, July 29, 2013


Every now and again your blogmeister is a lazy SOB. Okay, so it's a bit more often than every now and again... oh, hoodaheck are we trying to kid? It's pretty much every day. Point is, sometimes he draws a total blank as to what should be included in this-here cyber-rag, as well as the others he puts together, and simply goes-a-wandering-aimlessy through the archives, eyes half-closed, randomly clicking his mouse, or flipping pages, and picks the first thing that comes along. After discarding the first half-dozen or so things that come along, he usually ends up with something that's somewhat satisfactory and posts it without any further fanfare.

So here's today's bit of somewhat satisfactory fanfareless randomosity...

The SAAB J 21... a super-groovy lookin' bird.

Project 914 Archives

Fade to Black...

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